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Why I won’t be buying the Canon EOS R

Why I wont be buying the Canon EOS RFor any professional photographer who’s covered a full days shooting with a ‘professional’ camera (brick) you’ll know it is completely and utterly EXHAUSTING!

I’ve been using Canon since the original EOS 1. It was awesome in every way and for the longest time, I feel Canon were producing great cameras at great prices, with all the features I wanted. But my goodness, they were heavy!

However, when we started getting professional quality mirrorless cameras like the Fuji XT1 and the the Sony A7, well to say I was tempted away from Canon is an understatement!

The problem is, you don’t just buy a camera do you? You buy a system: I have 3 bodies, a range of lenses, 4 flash guns, triggers, Lee filters… not too mention all sorts of bits and pieces like UV filters.

With this in mind I haven’t jumped the Canon ship, even though the Sony A7 mk iii is very, very tempting. (This is the camera I’d go for, if I wasn’t so heavily invested in Canon)

Then as I was scrolling through the endless photography tat I read on a regular basis I noticed that finally, FINALLY Canon was producing a serious mirrorless SLR.

Canon released the EOS M5 a while back and it was cute and I still consider getting one to have in the car or to carry around as a fun camera, but I couldn’t use it as a main body.

The EOS R looked like it might be a real contender… 30 mp, full frame, dual pixel CMOS, single SD card slot… wait, WHAT??? SINGLE SD CARD SLOT??? Aaaaaaaarghhh!

There’s every possibility you have photographed many events with the same card and not had a single problem. I however have had a card failure… It wasn’t a problem though, as I had a back up. I will NEVER shoot an event with a camera that doesn’t have a backup card.

It’s my personal opinion that if you’re charging money for photography, especially weddings, it’s your responsibility to ensure you do EVERYTHING in your power to ensure that nothing will go wrong.

That means backup equipment, your assistant goes in a separate car (preferably a different route to you), you use the very best quality equipment and you shoot with 2 cards in your camera body.

I can’t believe that Canon has produced a camera at this level, in this day and age and NOT included a dual card slot.

If Sony can do it in the A7, then Canon should be doing it for all of their cameras.

Honestly, I have to say this is another little nudge towards Sony for me, they just seem to be producing the cameras that I as a photographer want, without having to ask for it…

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