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Should I buy second hand camera equipment?

Should I buy second hand camera equipment?

Should I Should I buy second hand camera equipmentbuy second hand camera equipment? Yes. No. Maybe. Was that helpful? No, I didn’t think so.

When I worked for other photographers, using Medium Format equipment, I bought ALL of my equipment second hand. However, it was a different time back then.

Medium Format equipment was pretty solidly built and it was designed to last a lifetime. The lenses were like small bricks and you knew when you held it in your hand that you were holding something of quality in your hand.

When I decided to ‘go it alone’ it was just at the point when digital photography was taking off. I purchased some of my lenses second hand. Two of them were faulty.

On one the focusing ring was faulty and on the other, one of the internal lenses had shifted so everything apart from the very middle of the lens was slightly out of focus. Thankfully both were purchased from a shop so it was easy to return them.

Since then I have only ever used brand spanking new equipment. I felt that there is already too much that can go wrong and as such, I’d rather just not risk it.

But… I know some photographers who only ever use second hand equipment and have never had a problem!

Perhaps I was just unlucky and perhaps they were very lucky.Should I buy second hand camera equipment uk

I am still of the opinion though, that if you’re charging money for your photography you really should be buying new equipment.. It’s probably not so important for a portrait photographer, but it really is important if you’re covering weddings.

I know that you can save a small fortune by going second hand to buy the equipment for your new photographic equipment, but it really is a false economy…

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