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Bastian Peter.

I recently discovered the work of Bastian Peter, a Swiss photographer who spends his evenings photographing his home town of Basil.

I used to take frequent trips to Basel, while photographing for a pharmaceutical company that was based there.

Beautiful, Immaculate, Breathtaking are all words that could be used to describe this hidden European gem and they would all be correct, as I’m sure that anyone who has visited would tell you.

However, Bastian portrays a different side to the city which he both grew up in and that he still lives in today.

While his images still capture the beauty of Basel, it is a slightly different beauty to that which I remember.

This is not a gritty, dirty view of the city or anything like that, more a surreal interpretation of the city that surrounds him.

He achieves that which every photographer strives for, to see a different view of the world that he sees daily.

Many of his images are taken at night, giving an ethereal glow to the subjects he covers, people going about their business, shop windows…

Often his images show the city shrouded it rain and haze, the lights from shops, hoardings and street lights giving the images an otherworldly and slightly spooky view of his city.

However, I really must reiterate, while the images do have this unusual feel to them, they are still quite beautiful… 

A pregnant woman looking into a shop window, a businessman lit by blue strip lighting as he weaves his way home, a shopkeeper taking a much earned break from the day to day grind.

All of these images leave you wondering what these peoples stories are, where have they come from, where are they going? How did they end up in Basel? Do they live here or are they just passing through?

It’s these sorts of questions that I enjoy when I look at photography, it means that the photographer is opening up these people’s lives and just for an instant taking a snapshot of their existence. From there, it’s up to us and our imagination to decide what we believe their stories to be.

Please check out Bastians website, it is full of beautiful images that will leave you smiling.

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